Program Registration

The first step in the process for students at the Philadelphia District Ministerial Training Center is to apply for acceptance in the program.  The form below should be completed by first time students (and needs to be completed only once).  It serves to notify the Ministerial Training Center of your intention to take classes.

Upon completion of the form, send a copy to the District Treasurer at PO Box 259, Royersford, PA 19468.

You can pay for your courses online as well using your PayPal account.

Once this form is completed and copies are sent to the appropriate locations, you can begin to choose classes.

Course Selection
The next step is choosing courses to take.  Click here to view or download the MTC Course Schedule.  Please consult the list of Module Course of Study Course Descriptions for more information about each course.  Once you have decided on courses to take, please register for classes.