Ordination is the confirmation by the church that the candidate demonstrates the gifts and grace that validate his or her call, and is qualified to represent the Church of the Nazarene as an ordained member of the clergy. Ordination is a privilege and not a right. The District Board of Ministry is not obligated to recommend for ordination a candidate, even though the candidate has completed the approved education program and met all other requirements. Election to ordination is the prerogative of the district assembly.

A Guide for Ordained Ministers from Other Denominations

The candidate for ordination must meet the requirements of a district-approved educational program, including the requirements of the articulated internship, and complete the required years of service. He or she must exhibit the appropriate gifts and graces for ministry, demonstrate a high level of knowledge and appreciation of the Articles of Faith (Manual 1 “ 22) and agreement with the Agreed Statement of Belief (Manual 26), and be recognized and confirmed by the church.

The District Board of Ministry has the responsibility to assess the suitability of the candidate for ministry. The board shall carefully examine the candidate on his or her fitness for ministry, spiritual and moral qualifications, theological understanding and harmony with the denomination, personal integrity, and mental and emotional maturity. Only candidates who clearly exhibit these qualifications will be recommended for ordination.

Ordinands must participate in the ordination service of the district assembly. The elders and deacons in attendance will lay hands on the candidate and the presiding general superintendent will ordain them. In this way, the ordinand will be invested with the authority of the ministerial office, charged with its obligations and responsibilities, and publicly presented with a certificate of ordination.

For those seeking ordination and those seeking recognition of ordination from another denomination, please download and complete the Application for Ordination or Recognition of Ordination and return it to the District Secretary (paulthornhill03@verizon.net).