Local Minister’s License

The official process leading to ordination begins with the Local Minister’s License. The local church board, upon the recommendation of the pastor, grants this license. The candidate who has received a Local Minister’s License must be involved in the ministry work of the local church under the direction of the pastor or a designated person. The local minister should be above reproach in all areas of conduct and demonstrate the gifts, graces, and usefulness that evidence the call to ministry. The local minister should be engaged in a district-approved course of study. A local minister is not authorized to administer the sacraments or officiate at weddings.

The local church must submit the names of all those receiving a local minister’s license to the district office. It is required that the local church provide a background check for all those holding a local license.  

The Local License Verification Form must be completed by the local Church Board and submitted to the General Secretary’s Office at the Global Ministry Center via email (gensec@nazarene.org) or at 17001 Prairie Star Parkway, Lenexa, KS 66220.  Copies must be submitted to the District Secretary (paulthornhill03@verizon.net) and to the District Office (districtoffice@philanaz.org).

A Local Minister’s License requires annual renewal by the church board, upon recommendation of the pastor. A local license cannot be renewed beyond two years if the candidate has not completed at least two subjects per year in a district-approved course of study without written approval of the District Superintendent.

Once you have been granted your Local License, you should fill out and submit the Ministerial Studies Registration Form.

Further information on a local minister’s license and the process of ministerial preparation can be found in the Handbook for Ministerial Leadership Preparation.

  • Registration Form
  • Annual Enrollment Form

Once you have received a Local Minister’s License, you will need to enroll in the Philadelphia District Ministerial Preparation program. This information is helpful along with your required annual fee, due each February 28th, to keep your enrollment and contact records current.

Upon completion of the form you will find a link to pay your registration fee.  This $50 fee is an annual cost for participation in the program from the time of your registration until your ordination.  If you have any questions about this process contact Melanie Cook at the district office.