District License

The next step in the credentialing process is the granting of a District License. The District Assembly, upon recommendation of the local Church Board, grants this license. The candidate who has received a District Minister’s License is given a larger sphere of service and called to greater rights and responsibilities in ministry. District Licensed ministers are given authority to administer the sacraments of baptism and the Lord’s Supper in their own congregations, and to officiate at marriages where the laws of the state do not prohibit.

To qualify as a district licensed minister, the candidate must have held a Local Minister’s License for one full year, have completed 25% of a district-approved course of study, and have attended the Ministerial Assessment Center weekend (with spouse if married, or partner if engaged). In order to apply for a District License, the candidate must:

  1. Have the recommendation of the pastor and church board of the church in which the Local Minister’s License is held, the Recommendation to the District Assembly form should be filed with the district secretary by the deadline prior to district assembly
  2. Obtain the Application for District License and file it with the district secretary (paulthornhill03@verizon.net) by the deadline prior to district assembly
  3. Provide the District Registrar (treasurer@philanaz.org) with an up-to-date record of his or her studies
  4. Provide the results of the required background checks to the district secretary
  5. In case of a previous divorce, the candidate must submit the appropriate divorce waiver form to Mark Justice (mkjust7@hotmail.com), along with supporting documents, which will be given to the general superintendent in jurisdiction, who will then consider the situation and may rule to remove this as a barrier to district licensure
  6. Appear before the District Board of Ministry for an interview as scheduled by the Board and be recommended by the Board to the district assembly.

The district license is issued for one year. In order for the license to be renewed, the candidate must meet with the Board of Ministry for an assessment of progress, must have passed a minimum of two subjects in a district-approved course of study and had the grades submitted to the district registrar for approval, and must complete all paperwork as required by the district secretary, including the Annual Enrollment Form (and participation fee, due annually by Feb 28th).

Ministry Internship
A ministry internship with an ordained elder is an ordination requirement and must be completed prior to ordination (Manual paragraph 426.3).

The Basics

  • Eligibility begins upon completing 18 or more Course of Study courses
  • Register with the Coordinator and pay $140 administration fee
  • Under the authority of an ordained elder:
    • Complete a self-assessment
    • Develop a learning covenant
    • Provide the Coordinator with the covenant and written updates

Completion of a supervised ministry experience through a Nazarene seminary or university degree program will generally meet this requirement.

Please contact Owen White, Internship Coordinator, for detailed information about the program.