Clergy Education Options

Education for ministry in the Church of the Nazarene involves both general and theological education. General education fosters a growing understanding of the historical and contemporary cultural context in which the minister is called to serve. Theological education makes accessible the rich resources of the Christian faith, including Scripture, church history, theology, spiritual development and formation, and practices.

The ideal preparation for the pastoral ministry is a four-year liberal arts education at one of our Nazarene colleges or universities, followed by three years of training at Nazarene Theological Seminary. Students who complete the articulated course of study for ordination at one of the Nazarene institutions are considered to have completed the course of study for ordination on the Philadelphia District. For students who are not able to follow this path, there are other options available to you.

Below are some of the approved education providers for ministry preparation on the Philadelphia District. Be sure to consult with your pastor advisor to ensure your chosen course of study complies with district requirements.  For questions and guidance on which degree programs and course offerings are right for you, contact Mike Schutz (, Class Studies and Mentorship Coordinator.

The Board of Ministry has provided a MTC Correlation Grid Feb 2017  and a Validated Course of Study Roster to help you understand where courses from Nazarene Bible College fit within the district requirements and Philadelphia District Ministerial Training Center offerings. 

Other education options and a more detailed explanation of the academic elements of ministerial preparation can be found in the Handbook for Ministerial Leadership Training.