Four Winds Forecast

June 24, 2020

Dearest Philadelphia District Pastors and Leaders:

2020 has been quite a year so far. Can i get an Amen? But we know our God is still Greater than the great challenges we continue to face. Surely, He is with us!

i just wanted to write a few words to you today. As to a “forecast,” the only words i can think of to share are the lyrics from an old Teddy Huffam and the Gems soul-gospel song i learned in the seventies: “JESUS IS THE HEADLIGHT AND THE WAY IS CLEAR!” In other words, our Lord has already been into our future and He is now “here“ leading us “there” by His powerful presence.

i will share more specific information about our district plans and calendar dates up ahead once the vision of our new reality becomes more focused.

Until then, please know that you are beloved and believed in. i know you are devotedly serving the local church on the frontlines of ministry and must be weary and worn in many ways, nevertheless, i also hear sounds of spiritual victory arising from within the camp.

May the Lord especially assist you in scheduling and attending to your personal rest and restoration during these unusual days. i pray holy-spiritual balance can be found and soon.

Please be assured that you continue to be lifted in the deep places of my tender prayers. Thanks to the many who have also communicated that we are in your prayers. We are humbled and grateful to know you are interceding on our behalf.

Thanks for taking time to read these words. i remain vigilant and available as/if needed, as does the district staff. I surely anticipate seeing you up ahead on the highway of holiness.

[Look for my YouTube messages mostly to encourage and also inform you these days as we journey forward together.]

Philippians 1:6 to you all!

Hope Happens HERE!
Presence Matters Most!
No Invisible People! UNITY!


Pastor Kerry Willis
District Servant (Superintendent)
Philadelphia District
Church of the Nazarene


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