“Four Winds Forecast” — April 23, 2019

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Four Winds Forecast
Greetings Beloved Philadelphia District Pastors and Partners:
One year ago, today, April 23, I was installed by Dr. David Busic as the rookie DS of the Philadelphia District. I continue to be humbled by God’s plan for our partnership together according to His desires. 
I pray all is well and you are leaning in for all The Lord has in mind for your life and His ministry through you and us! 
I have two Twitter accounts. I shared this message on my @ProjectGalilee feed on Easter Sunday afternoon:
Project Galilee (@ProjectGalilee)
If you had a local church pulpit to stand behind and to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with never-dying souls on Resurrection Sunday, take it from me — never ever, take that holy privilege for granted. It’s a blessing too beautiful for words. I remember. 📖 🕊
Pastors, no matter how heavy the burden may seem at times, do not take for granted the glorious reality of being called of God and by the local church to live and to preach the Gospel week after week. If you have complained too much out loud or silently about your calling, ask for forgiveness as soon as possible — from the Good Lord and from the local church. Why? One day you will be sorry you didn’t love every moment you were entrusted to lead a local congregation towards Hope and Holiness — Jesus, The Nazarene. Is it always *easy? No. But all of it is sacred. Even what may seem disgraceful in ministry will prove to be delightful when we see Christ.
(*Acts 5:41 is on my mind. See Scripture attachment at end of this mailing.)
So I pray: Jesus, give us an attitude of gratitude as we “get to” be Your called ambassadors of Good News day by day and week after week. Maranatha. Amen.
With Easter Sunday 2019 now history, it’s time to focus forward again. What’s next on the holy horizon before us. Well, of course, “The Gathering — Some Assembly Required.” Yes, the celebration of Hope continues as we all come together May 2-4, 2019 for our yearly district family reunion — conventions and assembly. (I personally wouldn’t want to miss it. In some ways, it will be a new beginning, and surely the future is always preferred for us as Jesus-believers!)
I will take a few moments now to answer some questions you might be asking leading up to our first week of May get-together.
Q: Where is “The Gathering” (District Conventions and Assembly) happening? 
A: Our Lansdale Immanuel Church, except for Ordination which will be Friday, May 3, 7 p.m. on at our Fairview Village Church.
Q: How about the NMI Convention?
A: Happening at Lansdale Immanuel on May 2, Thursday evening, 7 p.m. and again at Lansdale Immanuel on May 3, Friday morning, 9 a.m. until noonish. Our missionaries, The Tarrants, are going to point our hearts afresh and anew towards mission. (See photo attached at end of this mailing.)
Q: SDMI and NYI Conventions?
A: SDMI and NMI are joining forces this year and you will not want to miss it. It’s gonna be a powerful afternoon. Yes, at Lansdale Immanuel on Friday afternoon 1:30 p.m. – 4 p.m. LaMorris Crawford, Keynote Speaker, NFL Chaplain (See attachment at end of this mailing.)
Q: Ordination Service?
A: Hosted at Fairview Village, Friday, May 3, 7 p.m. It’s gonna be special! A holy highlight for sure. Come ready to worship and to enter His Presence in a whole new way. Dr. David Busic, our GS, is among the most inspirational and real communicators in our tribe. We are blessed that He will lead us to The King as ministers are ordained.
Q: District Assembly?
A: Back at Lansdale Immanuel. Saturday, May 4, 8 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. Really, I do not know how to explain in mere words the great expectations and awesome anticipations we have for this gathering. This will be a pure worship experience. Yes, we will take care of some assembly business but then we will arise in sacred assembly as we exclusively turn our faces together towards the Throne of Mercy asking Jesus to give us lost souls for Himself as our inheritance. Prayer, Worship, More Prayer, Spontaneous Baptisms, Annointing Stations, Preaching, More Worship, Much More Prayer and finally, a Holy Communion Celebration near Benediction.
Q: Where can more information, logistics, and details be found?
A: Go to PhilaNaz.org and find more.
Q: Have you shared the personalized invitational video we sent from the district office? I recorded a clip for each local church personally inviting each congregation to attend “The Gathering?”
A: Only you know. 🙂 The personalized invitation video can be shown in services and/or emailed to your local church’s email list. Some have done both. Thank you. If you need more info, contact the district office. All joy.
Q: Will there be a special love offering at Assembly?
A: Yes. i/we want to give $2500 to ENC to help with the Inauguration Celebration of our new President, Dr. Jack Connell. ENC didn’t ask for a donation, your DS volunteered and promised one. Any money above $2500 will go as a Love Offering to your DS’s Discretionary Fund to bless the Nazarenes and those not-yet-Nazarenes as i journey in the Four Winds from the Susquehanna River to the Atlantic Ocean. In short, only bring a love offering check or a love offering cash gift if you really want to support these two causes. No obligation, only opportunity. You’re welcome to be as generous as you want to be. Grateful.
* Some More 2019 Calendar Dates Looking Ahead
* May 2-4 District Conventions and Assembly “The Gathering” at Lansdale, PA & Ordination at Fairview Village, PA Friday Evening. BE THERE!
(More details at PhilaNaz.org)
* May 17 Familiar Grounds, 2-4 p.m. Rosedale in Middletown, PA
* May 18-20 Pastor Kerry in Revival / New Holland, PA 
* May 21 Lordship/Stewardship Lifestyle Training  Workshop  for Local Pastors and Church Leaders led by Pastor Kerry / Royersford, PA 10 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. (A Stewardship Sharpening Session.) 
* May 24-26 Pastor Kerry preaching Erma Memorial Day Campmeeting / Cape May, NJ
* May 25 noon, Campmeeting Planning Team Meeting / Cape May, NJ 
* June 3 PCDC / Fairview Village, PA at 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. 
* June 9-12, Pastor Kerry in Revival / Mifflinburg, PA  
* June 24-28 NYI Camp / Dallas, PA
* June 30 p.m. -July 6 a.m. Philadelphia Family Campmeeting Gathering/ Erma Camp, Cape May, NJ (General Campmeeting Questions contact John Sharpless, 857-723-2964, Campmeeting Lodging Questions contact Shannon Gipple, 609-435-4422. Campmeeting Preachers and Teachers Rev. James Spruill and Rev. Linette Thomas, Holiness Teacher, Dr. Charles Gates.)
* July 11-15, Children’s Camp
* July 19-28, Erma Holiness Association Campmeeting, NJ
* Aug. 17-19, Pastor Kerry in Revival / Pennington Grace, NJ
* Aug. 30-31 NYI Back-to-School / Camel Back Resort 
* Sept. 15-17, Pastor Kerry in Revival / Selinsgrove, PA
* Sept. 22-24, Pastor Kerry in Revival / Ephrata Grace Point, PA  
* Sept. 28 Word in Action presents Gospelrama / Center City Philadelphia / A Main Event
11-13 Pastor Kerry in Revival / Fairview Mountain, PA
27-28 Pastor Kerry in Revival / Burlington, NJ
* Nov. 3-5 Pastor Kerry in Revival / Lansdale, PA Immanuel
* Nov. 22-23 MAC (TBD)
* Dec. 14 District Pastors & Leaders Christmas Brunch, Ephrata Grace Point, 11 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. (Mark your calendars now. Don’t miss Christmas with your District Family.) Saturday 
Humbled. Grateful. Let’s not go it alone. We are surely better together.
Your prayers and partnerships are so very appreciated! I am a debtor! You are beloved and believed in. 
Presence Matters Most!
That is… Presence. Unity. Souls. Love. 
Pastor Kerry Willis
District Superintendent
Philadelphia District 
Church of the Nazarene


“Amen! Come, Lord Jesus!” 
Rev. 22:20b GW
Twitter @PastorKerryW
Instagram @bluegoose220