Local NMI Resources

Where to Send Monies
NMI Budgets, Work & Witness pledges, and Christmas Fund offerings can be sent to Nancy Newcomer, District NMI Treasurer – PO Box 255, White Deer, PA 17887.
World Evangelism Fund monies, Special offerings, LINKS donations, and deputation monies can be sent to the General Treasurer online at www.fundingthemission.org.


Flag Presentation Powerpoint
The flag presentation powerpoint from the 2012 District NMI Convention is available for download here.


Local President Forms and Resources
Each congregation has received a Resource CD containing resources, web links and help for all areas of NMI.  Additionally, you can find all the resources and forms needed for local NMI Presidents on the General NMI website. You may use these forms, but our District NMI form is preferred.


Missionary Reading Books
Information of current Missionary Reading Books is available here.  Your district NMI council would like you to keep track of how many books or tapes are completed in your congregation and report those numbers to Debbie Andrews (610-856-1470).


District Flags and Banner Set
The District flag set consists of 120 flags representing some of the nations in which the Church of the Nazarene has a presence.  Each flag measures 2’x3′.  They are available for use in local congregations by contacting Sharon Thornhill or any NMI council member.

NMI Core Value Banners are also available for use in local congregations.

Contact Sharon Thornhill for more information.