About Us

The Philadelphia District is composed of 60 churches in eastern Pennsylvania and southern New Jersey.  We are a diverse district geographically and culturally.  The fifth largest city in the U.S., Philadelphia, is on our district.  The state capitals of Pennsylvania, Harrisburg, and New Jersey, Trenton, are on our district.  From large, bustling urban centers to the Amish farming communities of Lancaster County; from the beautiful Pocono Mountains to the ocean breezes of the Jersey Shore, and from the rolling hillsides of the Susquehanna Valley to the rich fishing areas of South Jersey, the Philadelphia District has something for everyone and limitless potential for ministry.

This diversity is also reflected in our population.  Cities like Philadelphia, Harrisburg, Camden, and Trenton have become melting pots for people from all backgrounds.  Mix in the Pennsylvania Dutch, the Amish and Mennonite communities, the rural farmers and fishermen of southern New Jersey, and the rugged outdoorsman of northern Pennsylvania and you have quite a mission field.

Our Mission in a Word: Presence

Our Vision in a Word: Unity

Our Passion in a Word: Souls

Our Strategy in a Word: Love