Ministry Internship Program

Successful completion of an approved ministry internship is a requirement for all candidates for ordination in the Church of the Nazarene, including the Philadelphia District.

Manual paragraph 529.3 (527.3 in the 2013-2017 edition) states, “Graduation from a validated course of study requires the partnering of the educational provider and a local church to direct students in ministerial practices and competency development.”

The purpose of the internship, then, is to ensure that ministerial students participating in the District’s Course of Study (the educational provider) and approaching ordination have:

  • Augmented academic study with meaningful and practical ministry experience appropriate to the enrolled ministry track
  • Had an internship experience that increases competency in identified ministerial developmental areas (as revealed through the “internship self-evaluation form”)
  • Deepened their learning based on personal reflections (verbal and written).

Ministerial students who have completed 18 or more of the required courses are eligible to participate in the internship program. Successful completion of a supervised ministry experience through a Nazarene seminary or college/university degree program will generally meet this requirement, depending upon the ministerial breadth of the program.

Once the candidate is prepared to begin the internship, contact our District Internship Coordinator, Owen White (, for the detailed guidelines of the program.