District Superintendent Kerry Willis is excited for the days ahead for the Philadelphia District. Kerry and his wife, Kim, have become “gypsies for Jesus” and will be traveling in a R.V. around our church district getting to know every church and their pastors. If you haven’t got a chance to hear Pastor Kerry preach and missed the Sunday he was at your church, don’t fret you can join one of our district churches for a time of revival on the following dates:

Sept. 29-Oct 1, West Chester, PA

Oct. 6-8, Pitman, NJ

Oct 30-Nov. 1, Williamsport, PA

Nov. 2-4, Crossroads, Lewisburg, PA

Nov. 10-11, Bethlehem Promised Land, Bethlehem, PA

Dec. 8-11, Faith Pointe, Allentown,PA

Pastor Kerry would remind you that Philadelphia District, ” Where Presence Matters Most”.

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