“Four Winds Forecast” — January 7, 2019

January 7, 2019

The future is here, my friends. A New Year is well underway and here’s the Good News… our King of Kings still reigns — Jesus, The Nazarene, is His Name!


I must take a few moments to reflect on the recently past holy day season. Our District Christmas Meal and Concert at Ephrata was the highlight of the year for Kim and me. For the 168 who signed up and showed up, we are debtors, indeed. The feedback has been so touching and as we said when the gathering began: “First and foremost, we invited you to this sacred event to celebrate your lives, yes, to say to you as pastors, leaders and spouses on the Philadelphia District that you are highly valued by God and by us, and to celebrate Christmas together as a family of faith, hope, and love.”

For those of you who wanted to come to the Christmas Gathering and couldn’t, we really missed you. For those who may never even considered coming, please communicate with me ASAP. I want to lovingly make sure you understand our new three-word district vision: “Presence Matters Most!”

Note: We plan to repeat the gathering in December 2019. I am praying for 100% participation. Amazing grace makes me optimistic. We may plan it as a Saturday midday brunch fellowship next time. Hold December 14 on your calendar.


Because our Four Winds RV is winterized and parked until Spring, my alarm sounded in our Cape May rented cottage at 4:30 a.m. this morning. Why? It’s Monday and today is PCDC Day — Pastoral Career Development Conference (Conversation) Day — from 9 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. at our Fairview Village Church.

As I drove from Cape May to Wegman’s in Norristown (so I could pick up continental breakfast items) I thanked God for each and every district pastor and leader who would willingly choose to arise early on a Monday morning, sacrifice an entire day, and fight traffic in both directions just to make us all better as a district team by being 1 of 50-plus who would ultimately show up so we could grow together. February 4 is our next PCDC Day. Same place. Same time. Hoping for 101. Will you be 1 of 101? No intimidation, only invitation.


Oswald Chambers said: “Prayer is not preparation for the work. Prayer is the work!”

Therefore, our Four Winds Prayer Retreat Experience, under the leadership of Pastor Jonathan Merki, is happening January 15-17 at Black Mountain Retreat. If you are not one of the nearly 50 who have signed up to be present, please pray with us wherever you happen to be during these set-aside days of devotion. Yes, please be with us in Spirit. Let us pray. Why? Samuel Chadwick gives us one right answer: “We only learn to pray by praying.”


* Jan. 15-17 Four Winds Prayer Retreat

* Jan. 18-19 MAC Weekend / Lancaster

* Jan. 22 DAB Meeting / Burlington

* Jan. 26 Holiness Symposium 10 a.m. at Royersford

* Feb. 3 Super Bowl “Fly Eagles Fly”

* Feb. 4 PCDC / Fairview Village 9 a.m.

* Feb. 11-14 M-19 / Kansas City

* Feb. 23 Familiar Grounds / Saturday at 2 p.m. at Macungie

* Mar. 11 PCDC / Fairview Village 9 a.m.

* Apr. 1 PCDC / Fairview Village 9 a.m.

* Apr. 21 Easter / Resurrection Day

* May 2-4 District Conventions and Assembly Lansdale & Fairview (Details to Come)

* June 3 PCDC / Fairview Village 9 a.m.

* June 30 p.m. -July 6 a.m. Philadelphia Family Campmeeting / Erma Camp, Cape May (Details to Come.)

* Sept. 6-8 Pastors’ and Spouse Retreat (Details to Come)

* Sept. 28 Gospelrama Philadelphia

* Dec. 14 District Christmas Brunch TBD

Presence Matters Most!

That is… Presence. Unity. Souls. Love. 

Pastor Kerry Willis

District Superintendent

Philadelphia District

Church of the Nazarene


“Amen! Come, Lord Jesus!”

Rev. 22:20b GWT

Mobile 540-607-0077 (Text or Call)

Twitter @PastorKerryW

Instagram @bluegoose220

I will mail a $10 WaWa card to the first three people to email me — at my personal email address Graynalli@aol.com — after reading this forecast. Please say anything you’d like but do cut and paste this sentence at the end: “Pastor Kerry, I am praying that the Four Winds will blow across the Philadelphia District beginning with my own life and as a result souls will be saved!”