“Four Winds Forecast” – Pastor Kerry
October 1, 2018

Greetings in the Glorious Name of Jesus, The Nazarene:
Glad Greetings Philadelphia District:

Hard to believe but we’re getting closer to Christmastime, friends. Throughout the year, Kim and I usually pick up a few new tree ornaments as we journey. One ornament we got most recently is a simple, wooden, handmade ornament that profoundly says “Better Together”.

Pastors, leaders, partners… We really do need God and each other. You might say: “Well, no one’s reaching out to me, Pastor Kerry.” I truly have known that exact pain in ministry, and whenever I took that reality to the Lord, he always kindly seemed to ask me if I would be the one to reach out to another! Every time I did, I was so blessed personally.

Here’s a thought. What if everyone of us as pastors/leaders reached out to another pastor/leader? I believe it would raise the spiritual temperature of our own lives if we did. Not to mention raising the spiritual temperature of our local churches and even the district.

Recently, I heard a leader of pastors share this counsel about the pastors/leaders he has been entrusted to lead alongside: “Lone rangers and mavericks – those with little or no interaction with other pastors/leaders on the district –  must be lovingly reigned in for their own good and the good of the whole tribe. Why? No pastor/leader will truly succeed spiritually or otherwise without engaging accountability, boundaries, and vulnerability with their peers. In fact, those who run from relationships with their peers pose a horrific danger for us all to experience a shared failure.”

Lord forbid! Lord forgive!

So, pastors/leaders, this correspondence is an attempt to encourage peer-to-peer interaction with one another, while also lovingly reigning in any would be lone rangers or mavericks among us. We really are “Better Together!”

When the District Advisory Council interviewed me as a candidate for district superintendent, I asked them: “What is the greatest need of the district?” Almost in unison several said: “We need connection with one another across the district to be restored.” Well, you know that strength finder’s test? I took the test. And, my #1 strength is “connection.” And so until my last breath as leader here among you, I intend to “connect” all who are, and will
be, pastors/leaders on the Philadelphia District to one another.

I really don’t see “connection” as an option. It’s going to need to be a requirement. And honestly, it’s a realistic requirement, wouldn’t you agree! In fact, isolation often leads to idolatry. (More on that later.) 🙂

So, please read the rest of the important information below, but before the day is over, please pray about another pastor/leader on the district who needs a human touch from a peer this week, and please “connect” with them before 24 hours passes, please. I need your help. “Connect” for coffee, lunch, or even to share a meal as pastors and spouses, even your whole families. And before you leave each other’s company, pray for one another and see how you, even your local churches can partner together in the future for the glory of God, the gaining of lost folk, and especially for the good of your own souls. – P.K.

A Recent Good News Report:
26 pastors/leaders joined us at West Chester Church on Saturday, September 29, for our first “Familiar Grounds Gathering for Bread * Cup * Friendship.” What a wonderfully, vulnerable two hours we shared together. Together, we answered aloud the question: “How does it go with our souls?” Be looking for our next session. Pastor Owen White and I plan to invite you to join us six times a year – sometimes on the road, sometimes at West Chester – Lord willing, for God’s glory and for the good of our own souls.

Photo from “Familiar Grounds Gathering for… * Bread * Cup * Friendship”

Speaking of “connection”, here’s a face of someone you’ve heard that’s coming alongside our district team, Kevin Griffin. His title “District Connections Minister.” If you don’t know why he’s here, once you meet him you will know. Hope you “connect” with him soon.

Let me share with you some Upcoming Opportunities that hope you will consider coming – to where I’ll be – so we can encourage one another together. Why? Because I truly believe we are “Better Together” and surely, PRESENCE MATTERS MOST!

* Monday, Oct. 8, 9am-1pm
Fairview Village Church of the Nazarene
PCDC Gathering (Pastors Career Development Center) – First of 7 sessions.
Pastor Dave Bennett, leader/host pastor
(Lifelong Learning Credits available)

* Sunday, Dec. 16, 4:30pm-6:30pm
Ephrata Grace Point Church of the Nazarene (Pastors, Associates, Retirees, District Leadership & Spouses)
Christmas Celebration Dinner Concert
Pastor Kerry/Kim Willis, leading/hosting

I have also been personally invited to preach Revival Services/Seasons of Spiritual Renewal on these dates and at these churches. If you can be present, you are welcome. (Please contact local pastor for exact meeting schedule.)

* Oct. 6-8, Pitman, NJ
* Oct. 30-November. 1, Williamsport, PA
* Nov. 4, Crossroads, Lewisburg, PA
* Nov. 10-11, Bethlehem Promised Land
* Dec. 8-11, Faith Pointe, Allentown, PA
* Mar. 23-25, Pennsville, NJ
* May 17-20, New Holland, PA

Complete PCDC Schedule (Pastors Career Development Center). All sessions are Monday meetings 9am-1pm at Fairview Village. It’s going to be great!
* Oct. 8, 2018
* Nov. 5, 2018
* Jan. 7, 2019
* Feb. 4, 2019
* Mar. 11, 2019
* Apr. 1, 2019
* June 3, 2019
(Lifelong Learning Credits available)


Philadelphia District
Church of the Nazarene
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Philadelphia District
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My Prayer: “Lord, as our inheritance give us the lost!” – P.K. and “My People”

Presence Matters Most!
That is… Presence. Unity. Souls. Love.

Pastor Kerry Willis
District Superintendent
Philadelphia District
Church of the Nazarene

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“Thus says the Lord God; ‘Come from the FOUR WINDS, O breath, and breathe on these corpses that they may live!'” Ezekiel 37:9b NET