“Four Winds Forecast” — February 14, 2019

February 14, 2019

Four Winds Forecast
Pastor Kerry Willis
Greetings Beloved Philadelphia District Pastors and Partners:
I hope your Valentine’s Day was amazingly graced. We can only love, because God first loved us. 
As I write, I am in flight from Kansas City where Kim and I just spent 8 days in training sessions for DSs and then in evangelism conference sessions and ministry workshops at M-19. 
Yes, we are a little tired physically and mentally, nevertheless, our souls are topped-off spiritually. We are grateful. 
I was blessed Tuesday and Wednesday to lead Gethsemane Gatherings — prayer laboratories with attendees from across the USA and Canada and beyond. The Lord met us in a similar way that He met us at our Philadelphia District Four Winds Prayer Retreat. It was indeed, humbling and glorious. Thanks to those who were praying for us as we prayed. 
Wednesday evening, the M-19 gathering concluded with our general superintendent from Mozambique, Africa, Dr. Fili Chambo, preaching passionately on God’s Mission. My heart was set aflame again as he reminded us that apart from God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit… ONE, there is no mission.
A statement that resonated deeply with my own heart was this: “Nothing is more powerful than the Gospel!” He went on to say that “Our God is a Missionary God, a Sending God and a Sent-God.” When Jesus came to Planet Earth, it was proof that the Triune God was committed to restoring God’s creation!” Hallelujah!
Those ideas are true and so very freeing. If we will only become His dwelling places, His mission will continue to happen through us. You know what I am thinking? Yes, you do! “PRESENCE MATTERS MOST!”
Let’s not forget Whose mission we have been called into. It’s not the Nazarene church’s mission; it’s not the general superintendent’s mission; it’s not the district superintendent’s mission; it’s not the local pastor’s mission; it’s not your mission or mine. The mission we have been invited into is Almighty God’s mission. And “He who began a good work in us will be faithful to complete it!” (Philippians 1:7 Remix)
Another thought that has grabbed my deepest thoughts — during these seemingly dark days we are living in — is the idea that every soul, ever born, will spend all of eternity either with Almighty God or separated from Him. It’s a troubling thought. However, in this present darkness, I am inspired as I recall… we have the lanterns. 
Yes, indeed. As the Irish hymn-writer wrote: “Be Thou My Vision… Thy Presence, My Light”, so let us be like Jeremiah, the weeping prophet, and let us urgently wave the bright lanterns of God’s Presence to everyone we encounter. Let there be no invisible people in our circles of influence. People need Jesus! All people! Let’s BE LIGHT! GO SHINE!
“God does not want anyone to perish (do we?), but wants everyone to repent.” (2 Peter 3:9 Remix)
Let’s re-embrace the mission of Almighty God and remember that nothing is more powerful than the Gospel of Jesus, The Nazarene! 
Finally, let us never forget that Jesus is still seeking to save those who are lost. He is seeking them through us. That’s God’s mission. Let’s thank God in advance for the victory of His mission. Let’s spend our days and nights in participation with God and in anticipation of a coming celebration!
We are better together… 
* Feb. 19 District Nominating Committee 5 p.m., then DAB Meeting 6 p.m. / Royersford, PA 
* Feb. 23 Familiar Grounds / Saturday at 2 p.m. at Macungie, PA
* Feb. 25 District Assembly Team Meeting / Lansdale, PA Noon – 2 p.m.
* Mar. 2 Board of Ministry Meetings with Ordinands / Fairview Village, PA 
* Mar. 11 PCDC / Fairview Village at 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. 
* Mar. 19 Finance Committee 5 p.m., then DAB Meeting / Royersford, PA 
* Mar. 24 – 26 Pastor Kerry in Revival / Pennsville, NJ 
* Mar. 30 – Chic Shaver Seminar / Lavelle, PA (Contact Lavelle details)
* Mar. 28-31 Festival of Life / ENC
* Apr. 1 PCDC / Fairview Village, PA at 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. 
* Apr. 6 District Ladies Retreat
* Apr. 14 / Palm Sunday
* Apr. 21 Easter / Resurrection Day
* May 2-4 District Conventions and Assembly “The Gathering” at Lansdale, PA & Ordination at Fairview Village, PA Friday Evening. BE THERE!
* May 18-20 Pastor Kerry in Revival / New Holland, PA 
* May 21 Lordship/Stewardship Lifestyle Training  Workshop  for Local Pastors and Church Leaders led by Pastor Kerry / Royersford, PA 10 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. (More Details to Come.) 
* May 24-26 Pastor Kerry preaching Erma Memorial Day Campmeeting / NJ
* June 3 PCDC / Fairview Village, PA at 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. 
* June 9-12, Pastor Kerry in Revival / Mifflinburg, PA  
* June 24-28 NYI Camp / Dallas, PA
* June 30 p.m. –July 6 a.m. Philadelphia Family Campmeeting Gathering/ Erma Camp, Cape May, NJ (More Details to Come.)
* July 11-15, Children’s Camp
* July 19-28, Erma Holiness Association Campmeeting, NJ
* Aug. 17-19, Pastor Kerry in Revival / Pennington Grace, NJ
* Aug. 30-31 NYI Back-to-School / Camel Back Resort 
* Sept. 15-17, Pastor Kerry in Revival / Selinsgrove, PA
* Sept. 22-24, Pastor Kerry in Revival / Ephrata Grace Point, PA  
* Sept. 28 Gospelrama Philadelphia
(Stay tuned.)
* Nov. 3-5 Pastor Kerry in Revival / Lansdale, PA Immanuel
* Nov. 22-23 MAC (TBD)
* Dec. 14 District Pastors & Leaders Christmas Brunch TBD
FINAL NOTE: The book I am reading right now was written in 1912 by J.M. Humphrey and is titled: “The Lost Soul’s First Day in Eternity?” The first three to email me (1) sharing with me the first name of a lost soul I can help you pray for (2) and telling me the book title you are currently reading will receive a special piece of snail-mail from me. (3) You must email me only at Graynalli@aol.com and (4) please include your snail-mailing address in the email, too. —pk 
Presence Matters Most!
That is… Presence. Unity. Souls. Love. 
Pastor Kerry Willis
District Superintendent
Philadelphia District 
Church of the Nazarene


“Amen! Come, Lord Jesus!” 
Rev. 22:20b GW
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