Key Contacts for Ministerial Preparation

Newell Smith, District Superintendent
Contact for questions about a call to ministry and expectations of pastors. 
Larry Cook, Secretary of the Board of Ministry
Contact for questions about the Board of Ministry, interviews, and general questions regarding the process.
Paul Thornhill, District Secretary
Contact for forms and applications for licensure and ordination.
Bryan Rosenberg, Ministerial Studies Coordinator
Contact for questions about transcripts, course approvals, and questions about how classes qualify for ordination requirements.
Melanie Cook, District Treasurer and Course of Study Registrar
Contact for questions with the Orbund system.
Shirley Goodman, Ministerial Assessment Center (MAC) Coordinator
Contact for questions about the Ministerial Assessment (MAC) weekend.
Owen White, Internship Coordinator
Contact for questions about the internship requirement and progress.
Mike Schutz, Course Studies and Mentoring Coordinator
Contact for guidance on mentoring, educational programs, directed studies, and general advisement.
Dr. Chuck Gates, Director of the Philadelphia District Ministerial Training Center
Contact for questions about district-sponsored local classes.