Student Guides

Once you have registered for classes, paid tuition, and received confirnmation, the next step is to download the student guide for your course.  Find the name of your course below and click on the link for your student guide (Stu) in your language of choice.  Once you have your student guide, you are ready to attend class.

Level 1

MTC1031 - Exploring Christian Ministry     English     Spanish
MTC1001 - Telling the Old Testament Story of God     English     Spanish
MTC1011 - Telling the New Testament Story of God     English     Spanish
MTC1021 - Communicating with Spoken and Written Language     English     Spanish

Level 2

MTC1041 - Interpreting Scripture     English     Spanish
MTC1051 - Tracing the Story of God in the Bible     English     Spanish
MTC1071 - Examining Our Christian Heritage I     English     Spanish
MTC1121 - Exploring John Wesley's Theology     English     Spanish     French     Portugese

Level 3

MTC1101 - Investigating Christian Theology I     English     Spanish     French
MTC1081 - Examining Our Christian Heritage II     English
MTC1131 - Becoming a Holy People     English     Spanish     French     Portugese     Korean

Level 4

MTC1111 - Investigating Christian Theology II     English     Spanish
MTC1141 - Preaching the Story of God     English     Spanish
MTC1232 - Supervised Ministry Experience (Internship)


MTC1061 - Practicing Wesleyan-Holiness Spiritual Formation     English     Spanish
MTC1091 - Exploring Nazarene History and Polity     English     Spanish     French     Portugese     Korean
MTC1211 - Declaring the Gospel of God     English     Spanish
MTC1151 - Shepherding God's People     English     Spanish
MTC1181 - Providing Christian Education for All Ages     English     Spanish
MTC1191 - Communicating Christ Cross Culturally     English     Spanish
MTC1171 - Leading the People of God     English     Spanish
MTC1161 - Administering the Local Church     English     Spanish
MTC1221 - Living Ethical Lives (Christian Ethics)     English     Spanish
MTC1201 - Communicating the Gospel in a Pluralistic World     English     Spanish