Course Registration

Once you have decided on a course (or courses), you need to register.  The link below will take you to a registration form.  Please fill out the form completely (you may register for up to six classes at one time).  Upon completion, copy of the form will automatically be sent to you, to the District Treasurer, and to MTC administration.  

Registration Form

Once you have completed the form, please send your tuition ($150 per course, $75 per audit) to the District Treasurer, either online (be sure to use the "Ministerial Training Center" line and include your name and course name) or at 631A Swedesford Rd, Frazer, PA 19355.

Note: These courses do not count for any official college credit, but are applicable towards educational requirements for licensing and ordination onthe Philadelphia District of the Church of the Nazarene.  The registration deadline is two weeks before the start of class.  Further information about additional texts, course location, and anything else you need to know will follow.

Once you have registered, please download the student course guide for your class.