NMI Convention

It’s that time of year again for our annual MISSION CONVENTION. I wanted to give you the information you will need for that day.

Date: Tuesday, April 25

Time: 9:00am till around 4:00pm

Place: Eden Resort Hotel, Lancaster, PA

Speaker: Stephen and Anne Sickel

You will not want to miss hearing Stephen and Anne speak as they have served as Work & Witness Coordinators in Mexico since 2015. Stephen and Anne have been serving the Church of the Nazarene since 2009 in the Mesoamerica Region in Costa Rica, Panama, and Mexico. They have 3 children-Micah born in 2012 and twins, Elizabeth and Levi born in 2014. You will not want to miss hearing them share of what God is doing in the Mesoamerica Region.

 Now for some items of business that will make your NMI Convention experience go smoothly:

  1. Please go to the registration table identified by your color balloon below and sign in between 8:30 AM thru 8:45 AM. The following colored balloons will be your identifier for your sign in table:

RED                        Delaware Valley Zone

BLUE                      Central Pennsylvania Zone formerly Reading Zone

YELLOW              Susquehanna Zone

GREEN                  Lehigh Valley Zone

ORANGE              Philadelphia Urban Zone formerly West Chester Zone

PURPLE                                South Jersey Zone

WHITE                  Central Jersey Zone formerly Penn Jersey Zone

*There is a page two with important information.


  1. Seat any alternates by filling out the form which your Missional Area Representative will provide to you BEFORE Convention starts. Convention starts at 9:00am.  Please return the form to them as soon as possible so we can seat the alternate delegate during the Business Session of the Convention.
  2. REMEMBER to bring your old FLASH DRIVE that you were given last year. We will be recycling them. You will get a new one for the coming year. Something new- for those presidents or pastors who do not use the computer regularly, we do have a few printed copies of the information on the flash drive for you to use during the year. See your Missional Area Representative when you register.
  3. Be prepared to fill out a pledge for Extreme Work and Witness. This Extreme Work and Witness pledge is in place of the pledges made for Adult, Teen, and Children in the past. This is ONE COMBINED PLEDGE FOR THE YEAR.  Please participate in this pledge which helps raise W&W Project Monies for our District team trips. This is a pledge that you can pay throughout the year to Nancy Newcomer, our NMI Treasurer. This form will be available during the Business Session of the Convention.
  4. Pick up your NMI President Packet at the registration table. If you will not be there, please arrange for someone to pick the packet up for you.   Encourage your PASTOR to join you at the Convention.
  5.  BE SURE TO BRING a good offering to the convention which offsets the Convention Expenses, including bringing Stephen and Anne to our District to speak.
  6. Luncheon details are attached….  Please plan now for you and your delegates to attend.
  7. NPH orders will no longer be taken at the Convention. This change is due to the NPH change in procedures. You will be receiving an order form/brochure from me but it will be your responsibility to order directly. You can even order ahead of the Convention if you wish. An order form will be emailed to you in the near future. My understanding is that you can call or mail your order in to NPH.
  8. Buddy Plan-If your church would like to give to the Buddy Plan, which is monies given specifically to help International Delegates come to General Assembly and General Convention, please bring a check to Convention. Make the Check Payable to Philadelphia District NMI and mark “Buddy Plan” on the memo line. Just drop it in the offering plates in either the morning or afternoon offerings.

*There is a page three with important information.


If you have any other questions on the day of Convention, please see your Missional Area Representative or Kim Eisenburg. They will either have the answer or they will make sure that they get the answer for you. Please be sure to check back with them later for the answer. Thank you for all the work that you do throughout the year. You are vital to this ministry.

We look forward to being together again celebrating what we have done thru NMI.


Debbie F. Andrews

Philadelphia District NMI President