District Assembly Forms

We are fast approaching District Assembly and need your help in completing all the required reports and forms in order to conduct the business of the Assembly.  The District Superintendent, in consultation with the General Superintendent, will set the parameters for verbal reporting at the Assembly “ this has no bearing on the reports to be submitted by each church.

For uniformity, please make sure that all churches complete the forms below “ even if there has been no changes from the previous year or there is nothing to report.  Please submit all reports in the format they are offered “ do not submit alternate formats (pdf., etc.).

District Assembly

The following forms are required from each local church in preparation for District Assembly:

          1. Certificate of Election “ must be hard copy or scanned with signature.

          2. Church Directorycan be emailed.

          3. Deceased Church Members  - can be emailed.

          4. Minister's Report - must be hard copy or scanned with signature.

          5. Retired Minister's Report - must be hard copy or scanned with signature.

          6. Report of the Evangelist - must be hard copy or scanned with signature.

Forms 1, 2, and 3 are required of all churches.  Form 4 is required yearly of ALL ministers not serving as Senior Pastors and not completing the Annual Pastor's Report.  Reports 5 and 6 are required yearly of those that hold these offices.  All reports need to be submitted to paulthornhill03@verizon.net.

Annual Pastor's Report

All Senior Pastors are required to complete an Annual Pastor's Report.  You should have login information and have done this before.

Minister's License Forms

All forms and information needed to apply for a first time or renew a District Minister's License are available in the Ministry Preparation tab above - or click here.

The form to Recommend a License candidate to the Assmebly is available here.

Submitting Reports

Please submit reports as directed to paulthornhill03@verizon.net