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Dear Pastors, Leaders, and Church Board Secretaries:
We ask that you continue to pray for Pastor Newell Smith, Anne, and the entire family as they prepare for his retirement and work through continuing family issues. They continue to face quite a challenge as they make preparations for District Assembly, their move, and the next steps in their faith journey. 
Since the 2017 District Assembly (DA), the District Advisory Committee (DAC) has met and appointed two sub-committees to lead in preparation for the nomination and vetting of candidates for the election of our next District Superintendent (DS) at the 2018 DA.  The Prayer Committee has been praying and soliciting others to pray for the entire process of securing nominations. Del Bieber, chairman of the Prayer Committee, wants me to remind you that we all need to continue to seek God's leadership and His blessings as this process is completed and the new DS is in place leading us forward.
The Process Committee has spent the last several months developing The Philadelphia District and District Superintendent Profiles.  This document has had input from individual conversations, the participants at the 2017 DA, respondents to the Survey Monkey questions, feedback from the District Momentum Conference and the two regional meetings held at Harrisburg Bethany and Burlington, NJ in October. The DAC has reviewed this information to produce The Philadelphia District and District Superintendent Profiles.
With the profiles completed, the DAC is now prepared to take the next step in this process. The decision has been made to collect the names of potential candidates for the new district superintendent to be elected at the 2018 District Assembly. Please review the attached document that includes the profiles and share this information with other individuals in your congregation who might also have names to nominate.  Nominations must be received by December 15.  Names and recommendations should be submitted to (please copy and paste the following into your email):  Treasurer@philanaz.org,bhambrick@aol.com,rbroadbooks@nazarene.org.
Please include the following information with your nomination:
·         Name

·         Current Position

·         Contact Information (if available) 

·         Why (in consideration of the Philadelphia District and District Superintendent Profiles) would this person be a good DS for the Philadelphia District?

We ask for your continual prayers as the DAC seeks the Lord’s discernment in determining the future steps leading towards the upcoming DS election.  As always, if you have any questions for the DAC please feel free to send a message to BW Hambrick at bhambrick@aol.com.

Yours In Christ,

Philadelphia District Advisory Committee

Pastors and Ministry Leaders,




There will be two regional meetings to present the DS selection survey data; similar to what was discussed at Momentum. The meetings will be held this Sunday evening, October 29 at 6:00pm. One meeting will be held at Harrisburg Bethany Church, 1605 Parkway West, Harrisburg, PA  17112 and the other at Burlington Church, 704 Sunset Road, Burlington, NJ  08016.

At each meeting representatives from the district advisory committee will be available to answer questions and have an open discussion about the process of selecting district superintendent candidates.

We invite anyone, Pastors, Ministry Leaders and Parishioners to attend this time of information and discussion. Please forward this information to your congregations.  


BW Hambrick


District Advisory Committee Chairman




Update #1

District Family,

Recently, there was a survey at Survey Monkey that everyone was encouraged to participate in. This Survey was sent out in emails and was also on the district’s website (www.philanaz.org). The Process Committee has been working with the information gathered from the 50+ people and/or churches who participated in completing the survey as well as the information gathered at District Assembly.  A summary of that material and its implications will be presented at Momentum on October 21 by Scott Cook. There will also be two regional meetings; one at Burlington, NJ and the other at Harrisburg Bethany. Both meetings will be on October 29 at 6:00 p.m.  The District Advisory Process Committee is open to receiving any additional comments or suggestions at any of these meetings. 

After the regional meetings, you will receive copies of two documents (The District Profile and The DS Profile). The profiles will be widely distributed for the solicitation of names as nominees for our new DS. We will appreciate any help you can give forwarding these documents to those in your congregations.

I have attached a summary sheet of our activity with target dates as well as the District Advisory Process Committee’s projected  meetings.  Please put these dates on your calendar and pray regularly for this continuing process.

Thank you for your continued prayers for the Process Committee, the work they are doing, and for God's direction as we continue this important task of identifying nominations for our next District Superintendent.


BW Hambrick


Original Post

In accordance with Manual (¶207 and ¶236) the District Advisory Committee (DAC) met on April 18, 2017 to analyze and select a procedure for the selection of the successor of our beloved District Superintendent, Newell Smith.  As outlined by the Manual, the members of the committee include the DAB, District NMI President, District NYI President, and District SDMI Chairman, District Secretary and District Treasurer.  Dr. Robert Broadbrooks, Regional Director for USA and Canada, presented detailed options for the process.  After hearing the options, the DAC voted unanimously to follow the process that shall include:

    1) The appointment of two committees

A.  Prayer Committee - which will be responsible to engage all the churches, both pastors and people, in intercessory prayer for the DS Selection process leading to next years (2018) DA vote.

B.  Process Committee - is responsible to define and guide in the collection of information that will lead to the selection of a candidate or candidates that will be on the ballot presented to the 2018 DA for the election of the DS.

2) It is anticipated that the Process Committee will use as many means as possible (focus groups, Momentum, PCDC, electronic surveys, one-on-one discussions, etc.) to collect essential information to define who we are as a District and what we believe the future of our ministry will require.  We will then translate that into the essential characteristics that will be required of our future DS.  We would like to hear from every church, pastor, or layman that can contribute to the establishing our understanding of the district and what will be essential characteristics of our new DS.

3) Although all the details of how and when data will be collected are not yet defined, it is anticipated that we will have a very open process in collecting data for the two documents will come out of the research: District Profile and a Profile of the Perspective DS.  These two documents will be openly and cooperatively developed and then presented to the pastors and churches of this district prior to the District Assembly (DA) and then reviewed again at the DA in 2018.

4) We will make the Profile of the Prospective DS readily available (anticipate that the Profile will be available at Momentum and thereafter) to anyone anywhere who would like to know the type of person we want as our DS.  In turn, we will receive names from anyone anywhere that is believed to fit the profile (laymen, pastors, churches, other DS’s and any GS who would like to render a name.  All names will be vetted by the DAC.  The DAC will hold all names in confidence at all times and will neither verify nor deny that a name remains on the working list of candidates.  The “short list” of candidate names will be submitted to the office of the Regional Director Dr. Robert Broadbrooks and to the GS’s for further vetting.  All names of candidates will be held in highest confidence until all vetting is complete.

5) Immediately prior to the 2018 District Assembly any and all candidates who have made the final cut will be notified that they are under consideration and will be interviewed and provided statistical and financial information by the DAC before they are finally approved as candidates to be presented to the DA. All candidates must be elders in the Church of the Nazarene who have never surrendered his or her credentials for disciplinary reasons.

6) The DAC will make a presentation of its findings and nomination(s) to the 2018 DA.  After all questions and concerns have been answered, a ballot will be distributed to the DA delegates with the name or names of candidates the DAC recommends plus a blank line for write-in candidates from the floor of the Assembly. 


Submitted by DAC Policy Committee
B.W. Hambrick
Steve Chambers
Scott Cook
Bill Foss

Click here to download a copy of this procedure.

Click here to download a copy of the Prayer Committee introduction and process timeline. 

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